Die Befreiung des Prometheus / The Liberation of Prometheus / La Libèration de Promèthèe
Staged Concert with words by Heiner Müller

Based upon a text by Heiner Mueller
version for actor, dr and sampler
premiere: Frankfurt 1993; 50'

The Liberation of Prometheus was first released as a radio piece in 1985 which was awarded several prices.
The first live performance (with André Wilms and Heiner Mueller) took place in Marseille. Early versions (1992) with Heiner Mueller or local actors in the their language; e.g. in France (Mauberge), Brazil (San Salvadore Bahia, Belo Horizonte), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia) and Italy (Bari).
The recent version (with Ernst Stoetzner or André Wilms) was premiered in 1993 at the Theater am Turm, Frankfurt and has been shown since then for about 80 times in 18 countries: Austria (Innsbruck), Belgium (Brussels), Canada (Toronto), Columbia (Bogota), Denmark (Kopenhagen), England (London), Finland (Helsinki), France (Montpellier, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Marseille, Paris), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Bochum, Kalrsruhe, Munich, Nuernberg), Greece (Delphi), Italy (Taormina, Bari, Bologna, Turin, Palermo), Japan (Tokyo), Poland (Warszaw), Portugal (Lisboa, Porto), Switzerland (Zürich, Genève) and Turkey (Istanbul).