Bagatellen für Violine, obligate Klarinette und Sampler / for violin, obligatory sampler and optional clarinet

The "BAGATELLEN - für Violine, obligaten Sampler und Klarinette ad libitum / for violin, obligatory sampler and optional clarinet“ refer to parts of earlier compositions like „Red Run“ (1986), "Befreiung“ (1988), „Samplersuite“ (1994), „Landschaft mit entfernten Verwandten“ (2002) - which were written for the violin in a soloistic, virtuosic autonomy, though in the context of larger ensembles.

The confrontation and friction of this lively articulation with the strict counterpart of a sampler is common to all these pieces: a confrontation with a mechanical opponent, which is extrinsic to the usual practise of performing chambermusic.

duration 16min