17 June 2015, Barry Davies, Jerusalem Post
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The Ensemble Modern performs ‘Black on White’ at the Israel Festival.

"...Black on White is one of those works that defy pigeonholing. It is a music-based creation that also incorporates plenty of onstage action, dialogue and movement. The music also traverses a diverse range of genres and styles, and the esthetics conjure up all kinds of thoughts and emotions. There is a textual substratum to the whole affair in the form of works by 20th-century French writer, philosopher and literary theorist Maurice Blanchot and 19th-century American poet and novelist Edgar Allen Poe. The latter was primarily known for stories that tended towards suspense and the macabre, while Blanchot’s theories on the relationship among the writer, language, literature and philosophy influenced a generation of post-modern and post-structuralist thinkers, and his work was founded on paradox and impossibility...."

on: Schwarz auf Weiss (Music Theatre)