2018, Dieter Mersch, Musik Konzepte
Article (de)

Heiner Goebbels' "Musik/Theater" als "Ästhetik der Abwesenheit"

Heiner Goebbels' »Music/Theatre« as an Aesthetic of Absence This essay deals with the philosophical background of Heiner Goebbels' un-derstanding of »Music/Theatre« in deconstructivist and poststructuralist theories, namely through Derrida's critique of Western philosophy and the notion of presence as a metaphysical concept. Instead of adhering to traditional ideas such as a transcendental significance, truth, or the representation of the real, Goebbels sticks to open concepts of play, collective processes of creation, and composition as sampling, in order to find new forms of aesthetic experience. These new experiences are discussed under the umbrella-term "Music/ Theatre" with the slash indicating undecidability, a constant vexation between both terms as a sign for what can be called — with Derrida — a »compositional differance.“

in: Ulrich Tadday (Hrsgb) Heiner Goebbels, Musik Konzepte Neue Folge 179, p. 40-55