2018, Achim Heidenreich, Musik Konzepte
Article (de)


Heiner Goebbels' Heiner Müller-Hörstücke als soziale Plastik

Heiner Goebbels' Radio Plays on Texts by Heiner Muller as a Social Sculpture Heiner Goebbels' artistic processing of texts by Heiner Muller is entirely outside the realm of contemporary New Music. With his works mentioned in his radio plays, in the 1980s he presented to Heiner Muller all the texts of jazz, pop and rock music and of the new radio play across all disciplines and to a broader audience. Goebbels was able to develop his experience as a theater composer, especially for the director Claus Peymann in Bochum and in Vienna, to a new form of concert or radio play. It is important that he avoids illusionistic forms and often creates a space to be filled by the imagination of the listener instead of an action. He himself does not see himself as an interpreter or an explorer of a literary, musical or historical context. Instead, by incorporating, layering, and assembling heterogeneous means and voices, he seeks to build a social sculpture that occurs in time. In doing so, he also refers back to his artistic beginnings and the examination of Hanns Eisler's concept of material, which always dealt with the connection and connection with the listeners' experiences, and updates this aesthetics and attitude outside modern and postmodern historical dynamics.

in: Ulrich Tadday (Hrsgb) Heiner Goebbels, Musik Konzepte Neue Folge 179, p. 56-80
on: Hörstücke (CD)