Published: 24 March 2016

Rave Reviews for Louis Andriessen: DE MATERIE " audaciously imaginative production." - The New York Times

"Mr. Goebbels’s inspired production brings out the philosophical resonances that run through the work and revels in its literary crosscurrents. And this performance — featuring two fine solo singers; the impressive eight-member Chorwerk Ruhr; a roster of dancers; and the brilliant International Contemporary Ensemble, expanded with extra players — was colorful, exciting and, during reflective episodes, raptly beautiful. Peter Rundel was the assured conductor. The Park Avenue Armory, once again taking advantage of its awesome space, is offering a powerful performance of Mr. Andriessen’s arresting piece." - The New York Times "Where else could four mini-zeppelins perform a kind of airborne square dance, or an orchestra on a rolling platform go gliding across the floor, or a tent city get dismantled in minutes? And yet the magnetic appeal of this show lies not in busy spectacle, but in the way a small gesture or static chord gets intensified by the immensity of the hall." - Vulture “Goebbels creates four unforgettable tableaus — six blue-lit houses with three white zeppelins overhead; a church illuminated from high in yellow, changing Mondrian-colored circles bouncing around on long, dark rods; and then, of course, the sheep, under a dull blue glow with a single zeppelin overhead.” - Salon