26 March 2023, Andrew Clements, The Guardian
Review (en)

A House of Call – a dazzling parade of musical imagery

The huge range of reference and allusion in A House of Call (the title comes from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake) came across vividly on the ECM recording that was released last year. But in a live performance such as this UK premiere, which was superbly prepared and presented by the London Philharmonic, conducted by Vimbayi Kaziboni, the sheer subtlety and complexity of the orchestral writing seemed even more impressive.

[...]the whole work ends with the voices of members of the orchestra chanting one of the final texts that Samuel Beckett wrote. It’s a dazzling parade of musical imagery, utterly involving and one of Goebbels’s finest achievements.[...]

on: A House of Call (Composition for Orchestra)