27 March 2023, Geoff Brown, The Sunday Times
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A House of Call review

the LPO bring fizz to a evening fit for a maverick

For one thing, most of the London Philharmonic Orchestra faced the audience’s right, shaped in a wedge with the conductor parked by the stage exit, all players within easy sight of his baton, eyes and hands. For another, they were performing a work by Heiner Goebbels, the German multimedia maverick usually found consorting with specialist ensembles who spend their entire working lives making baffling, rude and difficult sounds. But A House of Call, from 2021, subtitled My Imaginary Notebook, was written for very large forces; and who better than London’s most adventurous and dynamic mainstream orchestra, the LPO, to step up, dive into its UK premiere and come out smiling? [...]

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