26 August 2002, Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman
Review (en)

Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial

In the same week that Heiner Goebbels's Surrogate Cities receives its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Festival, ECM has released a new disc of the 50-year-old's fascinating tribute to Marxist song-writer and Brecht collaborator Hanns Eisler, Eislermaterial. Festival-goers of two years ago will recall its haunting impact - songs soaked in the murkiness of Brechtian Germany, the haunting dry interjection of Eisler's own voice (filched from recordings), the grizzled combination of actor Josef Bierbichler and the Ensemble Modern, all stitched together in Goebbels's magical and thoughtful presentation. Even without the stage element, this passionate view of Eisler has an irresistible appeal. (Kenneth Walton / Kenny Mathieson)

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