12 October 2018, Natasha Tripney, The Stage
Review (en)

Everything That Happened and Would Happen review at Mayfield, Manchester – ‘mesmeric multimedia work’

Inside a vast disused train station in Manchester, German composer and artist Heiner Goebbels is staging history.

"...Music, video, lighting and the movement of a large number of props are coordinated in a meticulously choreographed piece of performance....The lighting is absolutely stunning. It tessellates the floor and turns the entire space, concrete pillars and all, into a slippery Bridget Riley painting that seems to move before our eyes....There are a number of echoes of Kubrick in the imagery,.....The piece, part concert, part installation, part choreographic exercise, is sometimes impenetrable, sometimes repetitious – though history has a habit of doing that – but it’s deeply experiential, fascinatingly polyphonous and completely hypnotic."

on: Everything that happened and would happen (Music Theatre)