27 July 2015, Heidi Walson, Wallstreet Journal
Review (en)

Performances Resurrect Two Musical Mavericks

Born in separate eras, Ethel Smyth and Harry Partch pushed social and sonic boundaries in very different ways.

"Mr. Goebbels’s staging involved a running stream and inflatable hills positioned among the instruments, as well as goats made of garbage bags and sticks, all echoing the Partch devotion to found objects. A giant cutout of Colonel Sanders settled the dispute between the goat-woman and the hobo. Klaus Grünberg designed the set and lighting; Florence von Gerkan, the costumes. The members of Musikfabrik were remarkably game, both as players and actors (Christine Chapman was particularly vociferous as the Old Goat Woman). It didn’t make a lot of sense, but like “The Wreckers” it was an intriguing snapshot of a committed maverick from another era."

on: Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury (Music Theatre)