2 September 2014, Neil Cooper, The Quietus
Review (en)

LIVE REPORT: Delusion Of The Fury

Neil Cooper heads to Edinburgh International Festival for Delusion Of The Fury, an extended music-theatre piece by American composer Harry Partch

[...] Fusing two life-and-death myths derived from Japan and Ethiopia into one seventy-two minute work utilising some twenty-seven instruments, in presentation, scale and delivery, Delusion Of The Fury was the antithesis of Conduit of the bottomless submundane. Where discretion and understated intensity was at the heart of Conduit of the bottomless submundane, Delusion Of The Fury was as much visual spectacle as aural. Or at least that was the case in the Edinburgh International Festival production, first seen in 2013 at the Ruhrtriennale International Festival of the Arts in north-west Germany performed by the Cologne-based Ensemble MusikFabrik and overseen by German composer, theatre director and maverick auteur, Heiner Goebbels. [...] [...] In terms of concept, Delusion Of The Fury was akin to spending a night in both Partch's and Goebbels' heads. In its increasing euphoria, it was also a gloriously audacious staging of a vital and era-defining work that needs to be witnessed as much as heard.

on: Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury (Music Theatre)