11 October 2000, Rossella Fabiani, La Stampa
Review (en)

The cheerful lightness of "Hashirigaki"

"This work was conceived in such an ingenious way, so fascinating and so in advance compared to the rest, that the only immediate reaction is to be dumbstruck, with a grimace of amazement and a "Bravo" shouted with a choked voice". That is what can be read on the pages of the Times about Hashirigaki, the musical show of Heiner Goebbels, played tonight at the Teatro Nazionale as part of the RomaEuropa Festival. Freely inspired by "The Making of Americans" of Gertrude Stein, by her taste for questions without answer, by Japan for the shapes, by the painting and the brain waves of Rimbaud, Hashirigaki is a miscellany of styles and diverse materials from pop to avant-garde, endowed with a strong theatrical print which almost enables us "to see with the ears". After having collaborated with masters of the improvisation such as Don Cherry and Arto Lindsay, Goebbels art tackles innovative solutions in the world of the European contemporary music. The German producer imagines other connections between the body and its double, between the person and the space, and he smiles in front of incredible musical elements, in front of the miracle of ephemeral mirages. Hashirigaki is a really beautiful show, the brightness of which comes from the lightness of the work. (Rossella Fabiani)

on: Hashirigaki (Music Theatre)