3 September 2012, Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times
Review (en)

In Germany, John Cage rings out

Critic's Notebook: The composer's revolutionary music is playing across the country in honor of his 100th birthday, with 'Europeras 1&2' in Bochum the grand piece.

""Europera 1" lasts exactly 90 minutes; "Europera 2," 45 minutes, and each is a masterpiece of musical and theatrical engineering, resulting not in chaos but sweet surprise. Every aspect of opera feels naked, vulnerable and heartwarmingly quaint."..."The Bochum version was not held in an opera house but a magnificent space, the town's Jahrhunderthalle (Centennial Hall), a converted 20th century power station that becomes its own forbiddingly dominating presence. Taking advantage of the space, Goebbels turned this "Europeras" into a stylized, elegant affair, impressively done, beautiful to look at."

on: John Cage: Europeras 1&2 (Music Theatre)