La Jalousie

La Jalousie - Geräusche aus einem Roman
Sounds from a novel, 1991

Spr -
18 min(s)

Premiere: Frankfurt 1991

Publisher: G.RICORDI & Co GmbH, Munich

"The composition for sixteen musicians, subtitled “noises from a novel,” already betrays Goebbels’s fascination with language as toolkit. His source is a work by Alain Robbe-Grillet (who famously wrote the script for Alain Resnais’s 1961 Last Year at Marienbad), in which the protagonist’s suppressed jealousy comes to vivid life on the page. Goebbels nurtures a description portion thereof and attempts to reconstruct it in acoustic terms. The genesis of this piece bursts forth from a rustling of conductor’s pages and unfolds from its compressed chaos a menagerie of guitar, piano, and winds. These are but clothing lines, however, for piles of freshly laundered samples: birds, frogs, and other secrets of the marshlands move in and out of the fray. A car door slams in retrospect, a voice seeming to relive this difficult dream in ominous reflection. The animals’ voices are an indigestion of the soul, stirring ever so disconsolately beneath this veneer of solitude. The clack-clock of footsteps pokes through the piano’s dampened commentary. An overblown oboe bears the imprint of Heinz Holliger’s Studie über Mehrklänge and leads us into a narrative passage underlined by crashing piano and synth shamisen (the synthesizer continues to bear witness to much of the goings on in varying gradations of convention). This brings us to an ending tinged by hope and submersion and a reprise of those restless pages." (Tyran Grillo)


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Heiner Goebbels - präsentiert vom Ensemble Modern
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Werke von Heiner Goebbels bei den Maifestspielen
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La Jalousie (1991) (de)
1993, Heiner Goebbels

Lui est un autre (Portrait, fr)
XXIE FESTIVAL D'AUTOMNE Heiner Goebbels, entre jazz et théâtre: Si l'éclectisme peut définir une esthétique ou un style, Heiner Goebbels est un esthète, un styliste, l'archange du mélange généralisé. Furieusement branché, évidemment. Et utile, par ses naïvetés comme par sa vitalité. Références littéraires distinguées, en prime. La France découvrira, ou presque, l'univers chamboulé du jeune Allemand, lors d'un concert au Théâtre du Rond-Point.
17 September 1992, Le Monde

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