23 March 2016, Helen Shaw, Time Out
Review (en)

Die Materie: 5 STAR Review by Helen Shaw

A moon-white zeppelin glides through the Park Avenue Armory.

"In Heiner Goebbels's mesmerizing staging of Louis Andriessen's 1988 Die Materie, these weightless vehicles act as the cool gaze of history, blind observers of all man hath wrought....Visually, it's a triumph. Goebbels keeps us constantly aware of the vastness of the space (designed by Klaus Grünberg)......But the good parts aren't just good; they're unforgettable. Goebbels revisits the aesthetic of those grand, '80s, Robert Wilson–esque stage pictures, and this time, he invests them with astonishing life. He even incorporates chaos itself, as embodied by the (slightly smelly) sheep. Unprompted, they flock like starlings, stampeding themselves into accidental choreographies."

on: Louis Andriessen: De Materie (Music Theatre)