19 October 1990, Ed Hazell, Boston Phoenix
Review (en)

Live and on record

Heiner Goebbels: Ghost Radio

„The nearly 75-minute piece scuttles old notions of interpretation and performance as it rethinks traditional relationships between music and text, actor and dramatic role, high and low art.“ „Goebbels also rearranges the relationship between music and drama. Music is more than audio wallpaper in this radio play. As the poetry makes reference to television or seagulls, the image is repeated in the sound. Perhaps more important, the cadences of the words form the basis for the cadences of the music, which English drummer Charles Hayward und Quebec guitarist René Lussier elaborated in ways that manifested the rhythms and timbre of language.“ „[This] is the sort of ambitious and adventurous new work that Boston deserves.“

on: Shadow/Landscape with Argonauts (Audio Play)