Staged Concert

A comission by musica viva/Bayerischer Rundfunk
Co-produced by musica viva/Bayerischer Rundfunk, Hebbeltheater Berlin, Dresdner Zentrum für Zeitgenoessische Musik. Supported by Kulturreferat of Munich and Muffathalle, sponsored by Kulturstiftung der Deutschen Bank.

premiere Munich (musica viva/Bayerischer Rundfunk), May 1998, for the 100th birthday of Hanns Eisler
since then more than 40 performances in Vienna, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Lissabon, Rimini, Baden-Baden, Hannover, Hamburg, Bochum, New York, Basel
For more information about Hanns Eisler in english see also the highly recommended website EislerMusic.com.