2018, Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling, Musik Konzepte
Article (de)

Die Musikalität szenischer Gefüge

Stifters Dinge als Komposition für sämtliche Bühnenkräfte

The Musicality of Scenic Assemblages. Stifters Dinge, a Composition for Theatrical Forces
In this paper, the theatrical installation Stfters Dinge by Heiner Goebbels is conceived as a "musical assemblage" unfolding between sonic as well as non-sonic theatrical forces. Within this movement, musicality is used as a descriptive category which expands beyond music in order to listen to the potentials of the musical even in non- or not-exclusively sonic constellations. Polyphony as a relation of heterogenous force plays a key role in the discussion of Stifters Dinge'. The concept of polyphony is inspired by its application in the Works of Paul Klee, Mikhail Bakhtin, Jacob von Uexküll and Felix Guattari. The reading aims at developing a strictly musicla form of sense production which is not hermeneutic but puts the perceivcr in the position of participating in the interplay of musical and non-musical elements.

in: Ulrich Tadday (Hrsgb) Heiner Goebbels, Musik Konzepte Neue Folge 179, p. 23-39
on: Stifters Dinge (Music Theatre)