2022, Victoria Cóccaro
Article (es)

Stifters Dinge o la ópera tribunal

Stifters Dinge or the Parliament Opera House

Starting with Stifters Dinge by the German composer Heiner Goebbels and considering in particular its staging at the Teatro Colón in February 2016, we will reflect on experimental opera as a possible framework for the interrogation of «the Human» as a founding myth of modernity. We will look at how this experimental opera could erode, then, Western metaphysics and the binaries that structure it: nature and culture, subject and object, action and rest, and even life and death. In this way, reflecting on the staging of material agencies–entities that are not alive, but which have effects on emotion–we will analyze how Goebbel’s work destabilizes the concept of «Nature» as a system upon which man acts as an exception, owner, and sovereign. We propose to approach Stifters Dinge as a reworking of musical theater and as a site-specific installation in order to propose that, in its presentation in Buenos Aires, it opened the possibility of recreating opera as a cosmopolitical tribunal and a parliament of things.

AISTHESIS Nº 72 (2022): p. 31-53
ISSN: 0718-7181
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