2008, Marc Perroud
Feature (en)

The experience of things - l'experience des choses

Video documentation on "Stifters Dinge", 52 min.

An artist portrait as well as a look on contemporary theater creation.
In his new piece 'Stifters Dinge', Heiner Goebbels, director and composer, works without any actors neither musicians on stage, nevertheless it's really about living arts.
Inspiring from Stifters texts from the 19 century, Heiner Goebbels builds this experimental performance, an extraordinary artistic challenge, by using new technologies, with the complicity of his stage designer Klaus Grünberg, and also with an high level technical crew in Théatre Vidy Lausanne.
During the creation, this work-in-progress session reveals a space, time and « things » experience, a travel through picture and sound, letting materials, objects, machines, elements, talking and telling what they have to say.
Throught this documentary, blending interviews and ambiances of work , without any comments, we assist to a creation process, and we discover how a visual and sound installation, remoted by computers only, can take place today in theater ?

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VV-mcuf-P8
on: Stifters Dinge (Music Theatre)