Published: 20 April 2004


On April 20th the new music theatre piece by Heiner Goebbels Eraritjaritjaka - museé des phrases was premiered at theatre vidy in lausanne. With words by Elias Canetti and string-quartett compositions of the 20th century, Heiner Goebbels created part three of a trilogy with André Wilms - having started with Ou bien le débarquement désastreux in 1993 and continued with Max Black in 1998. Eraritjaritjaka is developed with stage and light-designer Klaus Grünberg, costume designer Florence von Gerkan, Sounddesigner Willi Bopp and the young belgian film director Bruno Deville. The music is performed by the Mondriaan String Quartett from Amsterdam. 12 performances were presented in Lausanne and have been enthusiastically received by the audience and the critics (see first german, english and french reviews); since the summer this work was aswell recieved with great response at the Edinburgh International Festival and awarded with the HERALD ANGEL AWARD, later in Frankfurt, Zurich, Den Haag, Berlin and Paris, where a series of 12 performances at the ODEON was sold out. The press celebrated this event with an entire page in La Liberation (France) and La Reppublica (Italy) and reviews in Le Monde a.o. It became already a kind tradition to finish the last days of the year with performances at schauspielfrankfurt : Hashirigaki 2002, Landschaft mit entfernten Verwandten 2003, Eraritjaritjaka 2004.