Published: 1 January 2005

Performances in 2005

There will be extended touring of Eraritjaritjaka - museé des phrases (in France, Italy, Germany, performances in Barcelona, Bruxelles, Moscou, Madrid, Rome and other european cities), besides more performances of Hashirigaki (Zurich, Bordeaux), Schwarz auf Weiss (Frankfurt), Max Black (Geneva, Parma) and other music theatre works, compositions (Aus einem Tagebuch/From a Diary, and Surrogate Cities) and staged concerts by Heiner Goebbels. Heiner Goebbels will work on editing and mixing the Paris-recordings of his opera Landschaft mit entfernten Verwandten / Paysage avec parents éloignés / Landscape with distant relatives for the SWR. The Opera itself will be presented twice at the Warsaw Fall Festival. Some recent lectures of Heiner Goebbels will be published during this year, aswell.