Published: 1 January 2024
© Harald Hoffmann Ricordi
© Harald Hoffmann Ricordi

What's new in the new year?

2023 was a full year with a large number of new exhibitions and site specific installations: 7 Columns in Elefsina (Greece), The Comforter in Vilnius (Lithuania), The Last Painting at Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), To see something to hear something at Musée du Luxembourg (Paris) and No 862 - an Oracle Machine at the World Heritage of Völklingen (Germany).

Further more there were concerts of Songs of Wars I Have Seen by various Ensembles in Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, A House of Call performed by Orchestra Casa da Musica in Porto and by the London Philharmonics.

And at last - after the pandemic break - the large scale performance Everything That Happened And Would Happen was restaged and performed at the Theatre Olympics in Budapest - it can be seen again in 2024 at the Salzburger Festspiele.

More concerts of A House of Call are planned in 2024 - for the first time in France and Italy and the Opera in Düsseldorf will present Surrogate Cities in a choreography by Demis Volpi.

Heiner Goebbels is invited to join the Monheim Triennale July 4-6, he plans a visiting professorship in Italy, a new radio production and a CD release. More details about all that and more in the next weeks on this website.