Fields of Fire

Fields of Fire - a video and soundinstallation - is a collaborative work by the artist Michal Rovner (concept and video) with Heiner Goebbels (sound) and will be presentetd at Jeu de Paume in Paris from Octobre 4th until Decembre 31st as a corealisation of Jeu de Paume and Festival d'Automne. Its based on oil field video shootings and sound recordings in kasachstan made by Michal Rovner (Tel Aviv / New York).

Heiner Goebbels in Italy

The Venice Biennale of Music has been opened this year on September 28th with a complete new staging of Surrogate Cities, directed by Heiner Goebbels, stage and light design: Klaus Gruenberg. The sounddesign and videoworks are created in collaboration with the media-laboratory Fabrica, Treviso. From september to decembre 2005 there is an emphasis on the work of Heiner Goebbels in Italy - starting with performances of Eraritjaritjaka in Rome and the creation of Surrogate Cities in Venice, followed by several orchestra concerts of the Bologna Opera in Bologna and in the Opera of Modena in Octobre, a concert by the north italian Icarus-ensemble in Reggio Emilia and finished by music theatre performances of Max Black in Parma in Decembre.


GRAND PRIX DE LA CRITIQUE (price of the french theatre critics) has been awarded for Eraritjaritjaka by Heiner Goebbels as the best foreign performance, and OPUS Stage Price for Eraritjaritjaka has been awarded to Heiner Goebbels in the category directing already in april.

Performances in 2005

There will be extended touring of Eraritjaritjaka - museé des phrases (in France, Italy, Germany, performances in Barcelona, Bruxelles, Moscou, Madrid, Rome and other european cities), besides more performances of Hashirigaki (Zurich, Bordeaux), Schwarz auf Weiss (Frankfurt), Max Black (Geneva, Parma) and other music theatre works, compositions (Aus einem Tagebuch/From a Diary, and Surrogate Cities) and staged concerts by Heiner Goebbels. Heiner Goebbels will work on editing and mixing the Paris-recordings of his opera Landschaft mit entfernten Verwandten / Paysage avec parents éloignés / Landscape with distant relatives for the SWR. The Opera itself will be presented twice at the Warsaw Fall Festival. Some recent lectures of Heiner Goebbels will be published during this year, aswell.

Heiner Goebbels - Komposition als Inszenierung

Das großformatige Buch mit vielen Texten von und über Heiner Goebbels und mit zahlreichen Abbildungen seiner Arbeiten, ist jetzt endlich wieder erhältlich. Der Verlag der Autoren Frankfurt hat dieses Buch,das im Jahre 2002 im Henschel-Verlag erschienen war, in sein Programm übernommen und verkauft es zum Preis von EUR 15,-.


GRAND PRIX "MIRA TRAILOVIC" was awarded on the 39th edition of BITEF FESTIVAL in BELGRAD for Eraritjaritjaka, because it "combines the skills and talent of an actor, born and raised in the 20th century, with the techniques and means of the 21st century, telling an eternal story in a new language... (We are especially grateful to Mr Goebbels, for saving the audience time and money, by giving us a chamber music concert, a solo performance, a movie and a introduction to Elias Canetti in less than one and a half hours)." Heiner Goebbels was also awarded on that Festival with the Directors prize by the daily newspaper POLITIKA.