11 January 2013, Joshua Mostafa, ArtsHub
Review (en)


a restlessly innovative piece of theatre, baffling and brilliant by turns – sometimes simultaneously.

If all this sounds very conceptual, antithetical to the demands of drama – it is. The audience is granted no objective perspective on the action. Instead, we are invited to share in an intense subjectivity in which events take second place to notions, liberated from uses to which they are usually put, neither marshalled into a coherent argument nor sugar-coated with dramatic elements: mimesis, character, plot. Though the words are spoken only by one actor, they are too discontinuous to form a monologue: each aphorism is summoned into being and then pops, like a bubble, as the next takes its place. One particular pronouncement sounds like a motto for the show: n’explique jamais; dis, et disparais (never explain: say it, and vanish). It is radical, risky stuff – but does it work as a piece of theatre? Surprisingly, it does, to a large extent. Eraritjaritjaka blends the intellectual with the spectacular.

on: Eraritjaritjaka (Music Theatre)