27 September 2017, Linas Jegelevicius, The Baltic Times
Review (en)

Extraterrestrial-like performance puzzled and awe-struck Klaipedians

"...Most of the 150 viewers who attended the once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience, including the author of the article, seemingly left the hall unable to comprehend what they had just been taken through. Although the feeling of the performance’s “incompleteness” was lingering in air after the final accords of the self-playing pianos, some attendees, visibly awe-stricken, were earnestly sharing their emotions, but seemed puzzled at the end. Isn’t it what Goebbels strived for, i.e. for a theatre falling under no classification, resisting any attempt at definition, any reduction to known and recognized codes? In other words, for a puzzle theatre that still makes the viewer fidgeting with his or her cell phone for the most of the day give a thought to what life is all about? The live performance that Heiner Goebbels' theatre represents is let’s see and hear the world in another way, sometimes intrigues us, but never leaves us indifferent...."

on: Stifters Dinge (Music Theatre)