New piano composition premiered in Finland

Pianist Laura Mikkola commissioned a new piano solo piece from Heiner Goebbels, which was premiered june 14th at the opening night of Iitti Music Festival. It's 7 minute long with a virtuoso piano part entitled "Under Construction - for Piano and Playback".

Next season: the entire orchestra cycle "Surrogate Cities" in 5 countries

In Taipei this August, in Gießen in September, in Seattle USA, in Croatia and Switzerland the full concert of Surrogate Cities will be performed several times. Please check the calender

"What for?" 4 Ensembles are performing "Surrogate" these days

At the Schloßmediale Werdenberg, during concerts in Lucerne, Freiburg, Oldenburg and - as part of the staged concert mit einem Namen aus einem alten Buch - in Gießen: four different Ensembles are performing the Trio Version of Surrogate these days in Germany and Switzerland. Salome Kammer, Graham Valentine, David Moss and Lisa Friederich are the vocalists during April, May and June. Please check the calender

Doctor Honoris Causa by National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts

On June 6th Heiner Goebbels will be awarded with a Honorary Doctorade by the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts of Sofia (Bulgaria) distinguishing his professional achievements. Since today the NATFA "Doctor Honoris Causa" title highly esteemed Tadashi Suzuki, David Lynch, Carlos Saura, Istvan Szabo, Edward Franklin Albee a.o.

Georg Büchner Professorship for Heiner Goebbels

From the beginning of the summer term 2018 Heiner Goebbels will be holding the newly established Georg Büchner Professorship, which he recieved from the President of the Justus Liebig University Gießen. This chair is established at the interdisciplinary research centre ZMI - Centre for Media and Interactivity in Gießen.

Festschrift für Heiner Goebbels

In a moving farewell evening his collegues, collaborators and students celebrated Heiner Goebbels for his work as a professor at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen during nearly 20 years. To his great surprise they dedicated him a 'Festschrift', a comprehensive book - edited by Lorenz Aggerman, Eva Holling, Philipp Schulte, Bernhard Siebert, Gerald Siegmund and Katharina Stephan - called "Landschaft mit entfernten Verwandten" with contributions by the editors as well as Auftrag : Lorey, Marcel Baumgartner, Stephan Buchberger, Jules Buchholtz, Romeo Castellucci, Diedrich Diederichsen, Georg Döcker, Miriam Dreysse, Marcus Droß & Hillary Springfield & Michael Wolters, André Eiermann, Jörn Etzold, Helga Finter, Lisa Charlotte Friederich, Alexander Giesche, Klaus Grünberg, Dieter Heitkamp, Herbordt / Mohren, Stefan Hölscher, Bojana Kunst, Xavier Le Roy, Claus Leggewie, Hans-Thies Lehmann & Helene Varopoulou, Lea Letzel, Cathérine Miville, Mobile Albania, Ensemble Modern (Valentín Garvie, Rainer Römer, Dietmar Wiesner, Ueli Wiget), Monster Truck, David Moss, Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Boris Nikitin, Rimini Protokoll, Elisabeth Schweeger, Massimo Simonini, SKART, Swoosh Lieu, Leander Ripchinsky & Maximilian Zahn, Florence von Gerkan, Robert Wilson und Susanne Zaun. It is published at Neofelis Verlag, Berlin.

Out Now: New Anthology on the works of Heiner Goebbels

Musik Konzepte publishes in its 'Neue Folge 179' a new anthology on the works of Heiner Goebbels with articles by Jörn Peter Hiekel, Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling, Dieter Mersch, Achim Heidenreich and Amila Ramovic - all in German. Please find english abstracts here.

More Performances & New Works by Heiner Goebbels in 2018

As you might have followed on his travelblog his various performances, installations, lectures (and preparations for what comes next...) have brought Heiner Goebbels last year to more than twenty countries in Europe, Southamerica and Asia.

2018 is a year full of changes: After nearly 20 years Heiner Goebbels ends his teaching activities as professor at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies of Justus Liebig University Gießen. He also passes his role as president of the Hessian Theater Academy (since 2006) and as a board-member of Frankfurt LAB to the next generation and mainly focus on his artistic work.

After The human Province / Die Provinz des Menschen (54/27) 2016 in Dresden and Genko-An 107031 (Moscow, 2017) he will present a new solo-exhibition called Landschaftsstücke/Landscape Plays in Kunsthalle Giessen in June and stage a large scale performance called Everything that happened and would happen in October. In May he directs a staged concert called mit einem Namen aus einem alten Buch with earlier compositions for ensemble. He shows Stifters Dinge in Denmark and Eislermaterial in Germany. And of course you can find all works, venues & dates during the next months in the calender - also more performances of Stifters Dinge & Songs of Wars I have seen in Philadelphia and Surrogate Cities in Asia.
Heiner Goebbels will continue to give lectures, workshops & masterclasses. Please check it here.

Musik Konzepte 179 : Heiner Goebbels

"Heiner Goebbels (*1952) – weder der Tradition des Musikmuseums noch dem Fortschritt der Avantgarde fühlt er sich verpflichtet. Er geht seinen eigenen Weg. Heiner Goebbels eilt der Ruf voraus, ein unkonventioneller Komponist zu sein. Der Katalog seiner Werke umfasst Kompositionen für das Musiktheater und die Bühne, für größeres Orchester und kleinere Ensembles, auch Kammermusik. Hinzu kommen Ballett- und Filmmusiken, Tonbandkompositionen, Installationen und Hörstücke für das Radio. In jedem einzelnen Werk sucht Goebbels seinen eigenen Weg. Die Autorinnen und Autoren des Heftes versuchen, ihm ein Stück dieses Weges zu folgen. Die Beiträge des Heftes untersuchen dabei Werke wie "Schwarz auf Weiß" (1996), "Eislermaterial" (1998) und "Stifters Dinge" (2007). Zudem ist die intensive Beziehung zwischen Heiner Goebbels und Heiner Müller Gegenstand." Edition Text+Kritik