Everything that happened and would happen
Music Theatre

  • Das Gegenteil von »so tun als ob« (Interview, DE)
    Heiner Goebbels über die Schönheit des Machens und der Kollaboration
    with Bastian Tebarth
    Melodie & Rhythmus 4/2019
    13 September 2019
  • Surrender to a Boundary-Blurring Tour of Europe, War and Peace (Interview, EN)
    Heiner Goebbels’s sprawling “Everything That Happened and Would Happen” brings music, dance and chance to the Park Avenue Armory.
    with Roslyn Sulcas
    The New York Times (US)
    3 June 2019
  • From bombsites to Usain Bolt: Manchester relives 100 years of war and peace (Interview, EN)
    He is famous for overloading the stage with vivid, unsettling images – and his monumental new show aims to encompass an entire century. Why are audiences being told to wear sturdy shoes? Our writer meets Heiner Goebbels
    with Kate Connolly
    The Guardian (GB)
    9 October 2018
  • Space to explore the history of europe (Portrait, EN)
    Worldpremiere of Heiner Goebbels
    by Maya Black
    Manchester Evening News (GB)
    5 October 2018
  • Manchester International Festival presents world premiere of Heiner Goebbels' production at Mayfield (Interview, EN)
    The production spans over a century of European history.
    with Maya Black
    Manchester Evening News (GB)
    3 October 2018