A House of Call
my imaginary notebook

  • 25 March 2023, 8:30 pm
    Southbank Centre, London (Great Britain)
    London Philharmonic Orchestra
    conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni

    "A special programme on 25 March 2023 will include the UK premiere of Heiner Goebbels’s new full-evening orchestral cycle, A House of Call, under the baton of the Namibian-American conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni. In his work, Goebbels used recordings from his travels and archival research filled with distorted sounds of spoken word and songs from different cultures (including Namibia, Armenia, Iran and Colombia), some of which were imprinted with signs of racist and colonial conditions that the performers experienced. Goebbels’s piece highlights these people’s stories through an incredible sound journey that disrupts the very ritual of an orchestral concert: the conductor is no longer in the centre of the stage; musicians move freely during the performance, and the audience becomes fully immersed in this unique soundworld filled with the voices of these underprivileged and displaced people. It will be interesting to see how we transform the Royal Festival Hall when performing this piece." Elena Dubinets