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Coming up: "IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE" * Anthology in Bogota

Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota presents in September an "Anthology of Sounds & Spaces" with works by Heiner Goebbels. From September 11th two Video- and Sound-installations Genko An 111321 and Landscape Plays will be shown in the MUSEO of Universidad Nacional for three months. On September 16th and 17th Surrogate Cities will be performed in the Auditorio. On September 18th Heiner Goebbels will open a new, site specific, performative installation, named "Los peces tendrán que aprender a caminar sobre la tierra". Detailed informations in calender.

*"It's beautiful here" is a quote from Adalbert Stifter's Nachsommer (Indian Summer), which found its way into Heiner Goebbels' Music Theatre work "When the Mountain changed its clothing" and can be discovered in his video installation Landscape Plays .


for the first time OPEN AIR - the Basel Sinfonietta performs Surrogate Cities with David Moss, Jocelyn B. Smith conducted by Baldur Brönnimann next sundy, June 23rd 7pm at Freilagerplatz in Basel.
September 16th and 17th this large orchestra cycle will have its latin american premiere at Auditorio Leon de Greiff in Bogota - performed by National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia with Orquesta Sinfónica del Conservatorio de Música de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia conducted by Guerrasim Voronkov.


Today, the day of the American Premiere of Heiner Goebbels' latest production Everything that happened and would happen in the Park Avenue Armory, the New York Times published another interview with him about this large scale music theatre performance.


The German composer Heiner Goebbels has a long history of conjoining disparate impulses to make big statements, a trait that dates back to his salad days in the improvising eighties punk-rock quartet Cassiber. Since breaking out, in the nineties, as a major creator of visionary music theatre, Goebbels has continued to embrace contradiction and paradox, producing multidisciplinary pieces that engulf the senses.

Radio Retrospective at SWR2 in May

photo © SWF In a small retrospective the german broadcasting station SWR2 presents three radio works by Heiner Goebbels: The Liberation of Prometheus (live radioplay with David Moss), Der Horatier (with Josef Bierbichler) and Roman Dogs (with Gail Gilmore and Eric Gould) thursday evenings.


photo Eislermaterial © Barbara Fahle with Ensemble Modern and Josef Bierbichler in Festspielhaus Hellerau


photo Surrogate Cities © Wonge Bergmann This year more performances of this celebrated orchestra cycle in Croatia, USA, Columbia, Switzerland and Germany


photo Everything that happened and would happen © Thanasis Deligiannis

More performances this year of the new large scale production Everything that happened and would happen in New York (Park Avenue Armory), Bochum (Ruhrtriennale) and St. Petersburg (Theatre Olympics). Several exhibitions and installations, concerts with solo-, chamber- and ensemble-compositions, more Eislermaterial with Ensemble Modern "live" and at least three entire cycles of Surrogate Cities in Zagreb, Basel and Seattle - including a new composition for large orchestra commissioned by the Seattle Symphony. More info's later - Please check the details for upcoming performances here.

New Production by Heiner Goebbels coming very soon: Everything that happened and would happen is a large scale three hour performance with about 20 dancers, performers and musicians at Manchester International Festival.
A coproduction of Artangel, 14-18 NOW, Park Avenue Armory and Ruhrtriennale. Check the trailer & the dates in the calender and today's article in THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE GUARDIAN

On her radar

In the sunday edition of THE GUARDIAN the BBC 6 Music DJ Mary Anne Hobbs’s mentioned Everything that happened and would happen as her personal Nr.1 theatre highlight: "Heiner Goebbels’s epic three-hour performance piece explores the many dimensions of history between the first world war and the present day. It was set in a vast, dystopian former railway yard in Manchester in October and I found it deeply meditative. The director drew together elements of theatre, modern dance, experimental live music and architectural lighting design, while the performers built and collapsed their own beautiful sets as the show unfolded. The live narration spinning all the way through the piece suggested to me that history is incomplete, corrupt, full of confusion, and interpreted differently from every perspective."

"thrillingly imaginative..."

describes Ivan Hewett, Classical Music Critic of The Telegraph, Heiner Goebbels' latest music theatre production Everything that happened and would happen in his retrospection of this year's performances (dec. 18th).