Aesthetics of Absence
Texts on Theatre

  • Aesthetics of absence: texts on theatre (EN)
    by Richard Allen
    in: Theatre and Performance Design, Volume 1, 2015 - Issue 3,Pages 271-272
    25 January 2016
  • In Media Res:Heiner Goebbels, (EN)
    Aesthetics of Absence: Text on Theatre
    by Ed McKeon
    Third Text (GB)
    1 December 2015
  • What Heiner Goebbels Subtracted from His Theater (EN)
    a first English translation of writings and lectures by Goebbels that reflect on 20 years of his staged work, a look at other artists who have influenced him (including Gertrude Stein, Robert Wilson, Bertolt Brecht, Hanns Eisler, and others), and educational tips for theatrical direction.
    by Karren Lalonde Aliener
    Scene4 (US)
    1 November 2015